20 notebooks

a documentation

I have moved, migrated…

picking up my bird cage, my cane mattress,

my half-read book, half-eaten bread crust

I bundled up my creased clothes, left some used slippers,

picked up pens, a peacock feather, a page-pressed bookmark-rose

a corroded steel trunk atop a bullock cart and left…to http://www.rochellepotkar.com

It’s a new house. It’s better.

There’s new paint on the wall.

A fresh window.

A fresh tree that discos.

The smell of empty happiness

that promises can fill a thousand times over.

I have hooked my bird cage there

given my house a name in secret echoes

unfurled the mattress,

plumped up a feather pillow.

I await the sun now at my window

The way it dips

like the rest of the biscuit in my mouth



Then I shall dance.

See me there sometimes

through the shadows on the wall

tug-of-warring with those on the ceiling

the curtain of my hair

the breeze of the night,


my moon brooch

my dreams, the stars of the night sky.


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